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Rouge Pet Science Pork 5-in-1

This yummy Dogg topper is packed with premium prebiotics & probiotics that help improve your dog’s gut health, which can lead to allergy relief, increased immune support, and healthier skin and coat.

Rouge Pet Science Pork 5in1

Excluding Sales Tax

    NEW Pork and Fermented Micro Algae formula, with same proven Origins 5in1 Supplement Gut Health support.

    ****NO FISH SMELL****

    Should be a great option for dogs who are allergic to fish, owners who can't stand the smell of fish, picky dogs who need variety, or owners looking to rotate proteins for nutritional diversity.


    DELICIOUS ALL IN ONE CANINE SUPPORT: Our dog food topper is easy to use and helps support digestion, skin health, allergy relief, and joint support.

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