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Black and brown puppy sitting in a pile of leaves

We started this adventure because of Roczen's refusal to eat kibble. We tried every brand, every flavor. He would have nothing to do with it. We were exhausted of going to the store and buying different foods, failing at each attempt! 


Then the vet trips started. In fact, several trips to the vet for unexplained lumps, bumps, ear infections, loose stools and lethargy (lack of energy). 


After doing our research we decided to try a raw diet. At first, we made our own, but it was not budget or time friendly! To make it a complete balanced meal we had to buy the meat and add supplements to ensure it was a nutritional balanced meal. 


We then found an affordable option of raw food. Quickly, things turned around for Roczen. We could see a difference almost overnight! No more loose stools, his skin cleared up and his coat was smooth and shiny!!


After we saw what it did for Roczen, we wanted to share an affordable option with family, friends, and pet owners everywhere. 


Robb, Tammy & Roczen

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