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Take your pet’s food to new heights with Momentum Carnivore Nutrition's grass-fed bison tripe pet food topper! Made from high-quality bison tripe sourced in the USA and Canada, this single-ingredient pet food topper is packed with protein and nutrients.

Our grass-fed bison tripe food topper is freeze-dried to perfection to preserve all the flavor and nutrients your pet craves. With tons of natural flavor and nutritional value, it’s the perfect addition to any meal or as a special treat. We never add preservatives or additives, so your pet is only getting the best.

Bison is loved among pet owners for its high protein content, plethora of B vitamins, and anti-inflammatory effects. Your dog or cat will love the flavor, and you’ll love knowing they’ll get the nutrients they need.

Size: Net Weight 3.5 oz.

Bison Tripe Topper

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