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Albright’s All Natural Pork Chub Recipe for Dogs New! Our pork blend is a great protein choice for your dog. It is complete and balanced for all life stages, including the youth of large dogs (70 lbs or more as an adult.)Ingredients: Pork Muscle, Pork Bone, Pork Liver, Kale, Cranberries, Sunflower Oil, Dried Kelp. Please see our Ingredient Benefit page. The pork blend does not contain eggs.Our food contains NO grain, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, peas, beans, clay or any other fillers. All nutrition comes from real food, not synthetic vitamin powders or added supplements. No preservatives.All ingredients are from the U.S. or Canada.We begin with only human grade meats and ingredients. We never use distressed or diseased animals, or 3D or 4D meats. The final product is not human grade, as it is only meant for pets.Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein (Min)15.50%Crude Fat (Min)10.5%Crude Fiber (Max)0.7%Moisture (Max)70.0%Ash1.9%Kilocalories per Kg1510Kilocalories per cup343Taurine pH5.84Ca:P

Albright’s All Natural Pork Chub

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