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All of our products are human grade! Meaning, you could eat it yourself. With quality ingredients your pets will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals they need!


"It took 30 seconds to Obi eat all of the new stuff! He loved it! Thank you so much for giving us this new option."


"Well I can tell my dog Zeus loves his new food bc he doesn't leave his bowl when he's eaten it all. He stands over his bowl waiting for more. He's never done that before; not with the turkey, nor chicken, nor the other beef I was getting. You can put that in a brochure. Lol!"

Jodi Maternach

"He made it onto the couch (with a little help) for the first time in months! I think his new food is helping so thank you!”

Chris Allick

"Dogs are loving it. I like the consistency of the grind so far, easy to scoop and portion.”

Diann Yandrich

"Fed the first roll to my dogs tonight. They scarfed it down.  It looks really nice. Are totally frozen when it arrived.”

Jeff Lormier

"I have been feeding my dog Raw food for over two years and the benefits are great. We recently tried the Raw Advantage Brand dog food and what a difference. Luka loves it so much, he will go back to his bowl at least 6-8 times to make sure it is empty and then come back to me wanting more. Great Product!”
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